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Choosing the Right Case Sealer

One of the best problems for a business to have is toomuch work. While it may seem overwhelming at first, an excess of projects and tasks usually means that customers are spendingtheirmoneywithand, therefore,profits areonthe rise.To help improve your throughput and productivity, some of thetime-consuming and menial tasks in your warehouse can be automated, which allows your team members to focus on the more importantjobsthat requireextrafocus or involvement.One such example of this is carton sealing. Instead of your employees wastingtheirtime manually applying tape to every single box that goes out the door, you can enlist the help of an automatedcase sealer to handle this task faster and more precisely.The first step toward making thishappen?Choosing the right case sealer.

What is a Case Sealer?

A case sealer, which is also frequently referred to as a carton sealer or a tape machine,is actually a pretty straightforward piece of packaging equipment.When operating,itcarriesa case or box down a conveyor and through two cartridges thateachdispense tape. The cartridgesthenapplythat tape to your box as it moves down the line, eliminating any need for manual tape application. fully automatic cage case sealer

How Do I Know When to Buy a Case Sealer?

Deciding on the right time to make the switch to packaging automationcan sometimes be a bit of a headscratcher.Before moving forward, there are few aspects of your current packaging process that require some examination and evaluation. Hereare just a few of the elements thatyou shouldconsider: Approximately how many cartons do youpackage, seal,and ship out each day? Will that number change in the future? Whats your current box sealing process? How many employees are involved in it? What kind of cases do you seal Are they all the same size and style? Fragile or delicate? Heavy or light? Irregularly shaped? Would an automatic tape machinelead to improved throughput and production or would it notmake much of a difference right now? Does your business deal with any package theft or shipping damage? If so, is it the fault of weak seals or boxes that easily break open? Take a little time toreallythink about each of those questions.If youfind that you could easily increase productivity with the help of faster case sealing, reduce damage through more secure closures, or even just allow your team to put their focus and time toward othertasks that require more direct involvement, it might be time to add an automatic or semi-automatic case sealerto your packaging line.

Which Carton Sealer is Right for Me?

There are four primary types of semi-automatic or fully automatic carton sealers.Take a lookat the detailsbelow: Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealer:These adjustable tape machines can handle boxes that are all the same size and style. An operator must insert the carton into the machine. Random Semi-Automatic Case Sealer:This type of tape applying machine is also fed by a human operator. However, it can accommodate boxes of all sizes and styles withoutrequiringadjustment. Uniform Automatic Case Sealer:These tape machines do not require any operator involvement and can process cases ofonlyone size and style without adjustment. Random Automatic Case Sealer:These automatic carton sealers can accommodate boxes of all shapesand styles without adjustment and do not need t specialty case sealer o be fed by a human operator.

Automatic Case SealersProvide Exceptional Quality

Each variety of automatic carton sealer providesseals ofsignificantlyhigherquality than would ever be possible through manual labor alone. Taping boxes shut by hand is time consuming, wastes materials, and doesnt ensure asecureclosure that will last through the entire supply chain. On top of all this,the constantrepetitivemotionsyour employees must perform to close every single carton can result in strain injuries.Overall, the benefits of implementing either a fully automatic case sealer or semi-automatic carton sealer are clear. They help you improve productivity, save money, reduce material waste, protect employees, and more.Contact us today to learn more!

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