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What You Need To Know About Single Sided Tapes vs. Double Sided Tapes

Let's talk about the differences between single sided tapes and double sided tapes for a moment. If you've ever done any gift wrapping or put together a project, you probably got familiarized with double-sided tapes more quickly than you would have liked.

In general, tapes aredefined by four distinct characteristics: release, backing, primer, and adhesive mass.

  • Release: The release of a single-sided tape refers to that thin coating that is along the backing of the tape.
  • Backing: The backing refers to that material (more technically referred to as a substrate), which carries the adhesive film.
  • Primer: The primer is the thin layer that bonds the adhesive to the backing. A primer is not always needed.
  • Adhesive Mass: The sticky or tacky substances that bonds two substrates.
Single-Sided Tape
Single-Sided Pressure Sensitive Tape Single-Sided Pressure Sensitive Tape

Single sided tapes are a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of a carrier with adhesive coated only on one side. Single sided tapes use abacking that may bevariety materials that are flat, and web-based such as film, paper, foil, fabrics, or foam. In many instances, the backing is treated with a release coating to enable stable unwinding forces, or with a primer to ensure that the adhesive sticks to the correct side of the backing. Examples of single coated tapes include electrical, masking, carton seaing and medical tapes.

Double-Sided Tapes
Double-Sided Pressure Sensitive Tape Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Tape

Double Sided Tape - also known as Double Coated Tape or Double Faced Tape, is a pressure sensitive tape (PSA) consisting of film, foam, paper, cloth, or foil carrier, with an acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive coated on both sides. Arelease liner is utilized to prevent the adhesives from sticking to themselves. The release liner is normally a silicone coated paper or filmic material. Examples of double coated tapes are mounting, medical, and membranes.

Transfer Tapes
Transfer Tape Transfer Tape

A transfer tape, also known as adhesive transfer tapes, clear transfer tape, or application tape, is different from a single sided tape and the double sided tape in that it is unsupported. The pressure sensitive adhesive is coated onto the release liner and then wound onto a roll. Therelease liner is always part of the transfer tape structure. Examples of adhesive transfer tapes include tapes for envelope sealing, graphic attachment, and splicing.

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