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One factthat manyindividualsfailto understand is that not all tapes are created equal. When purchasing tape for your packaging and shipping operation, its important to understand the different qualitiesof eachspecificvariety. This helps you ensure that every package that leaves your warehouse is secured effectively.

Acrylic Packing Tape

If you frequently work with corrugated boxes, acrylic packing tape is an excellent choice.With little pressure, it instantlybonds to corrugated surfaces, which is why it is so commonly referred to as box tapeor carton sealing tape.Acrylic tapes offer high clarity, outstanding UV resistance,work phenomenally in extreme temperatures,and are very affordable.They are dependable, versatile, and a great choice for a wide variety of packaging applications, as they can be applied by hand or with a machine.

Hot Melt Tape

Manufactured with high-volume applications in mind, hot melt tape provides dependable seals each time itsput in place.This durable tape offers an impressive stick factor, is easy to unroll, and performs exceptionally under stress and strain. Like acrylic tape, it works very well on boxes and cartons, especially thosethat containa high volume of recycled material. You can apply hot melt tape by hand or with a machine and it works beautifully inthe 45- to 120-degree F temperature range.

Natural Rubber Industrial Tape

Boasting powerful adhesion capability, natural rubber tapeswork well in a variety of settings. They make an incredible tool for wide surfaces andfor packages that will face severe temperatures, including excessive heat, bone-chilling cold, and intense humidity. Though natural rubber options tend to cost more than other box-sealing tapes, they offer premium resistance to salt water, alkalis, diluted acids,andthe usual wear and tear that comes with time and use.

Paper Packing Tape

Paper packing tapes arefullyrecyclable and provide outstanding adhesion. These include reinforced gum packing tapes that can withstand extreme temperatures, water-activated paper tape that providesobviousevidence of any tampering,andhigh-strength flatback paper tape. Paper packing tape offers an immense array of benefits, including the ability to print on it. This allows youto display important messages, such as Fragile or Made in the USA, without breaking the bank.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of applications, including painting or lightweight packaging. It also comes in anumber of specialty options,such asanoutdoor version that is resistant to sunlight,automotive masking tape that can withstand heat up to 250-degrees Ffor as long as 30 minutes, water- and oil-resistant industrial masking tape, and constructiongrade heavy-duty masking tape. We carry options fromworld leaders in the industry, including general purpose3M masking tape andspecialty 3M masking tape.

Duct Tape

One of the most popular varieties of tape that we allknowand love is duct tape. This double-woven tape boasts a strong coating made of acrylic adhesive that resists age. These features allow it to provide remarkable adhesion capability, as well as impressive shear and heat resistance. Duct tape is a ubiquitous tool found throughout many industries and households, as it offers versatile use for a diverse range of applications.

Strapping Tape

Designed for industrial use, strapping tape does an excellent job of holding together the top rows of your pallets. It features a rubber band like effect that allows each load to shift asneededwithout resulting in damage. Choose fromstandard strapping tape, general purpose strapping tape, or heavy-duty strapping tape to suit your specific application.Each is equipped with fiberglass filament reinforcement and can resist tearing, splitting, and abrasion.

Label Protection Tape

Label protection tape is a clear adhesion tool thats designed to do exactly as its name says. Place it over labels on a wide variety of surfaces, including plastic, wood, paper, or metal, to keepthemsecurely in place. This high-clarity, high-strength tape can be used both inside and outdoors and stands up to harsh or damaging elements. Better yet, label protection tape is water, chemical, and abrasion resistant.

Double Sided Tape

Featuring strong adhesives on both sides, double sided tape allows you to stick two separate surfaces to one another with ease. Because of its two-sided adhesive, this tape can be hidden out of sight after being placed, which creates a clean presentation and aesthetic. Double sided tape is appropriate for a wide variety of applications and is used across many different industries.

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