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Ecommerce Fulfillmentis thriving. Consider these statistics:
  • US e-retail sales are expected to grow by 10% a year to $400 billion by 2017, accounting for 13% of all retail sales.
  • Total ecommerce sales for 2014 exceeded $304 billion, representing an increase of 15.6% from 2013.
  • Mobile transactions surge in 2014 and set the stage for future online industry expansion.
  • Retail sales made on smartphones reached $8 billion in 2012. 3% of total ecommerce sales. (Forrester Research Inc)
If you consider those statistics, you can imagine the implications for ensured ultimate product security. So let's talk about security for a bit, in regard to a real life example.
The Problem: Security.
Did you know that the average fulfillment shipment value passes $153.00 per shipment? While that may not seem like a lot of money, just imagine that value multiplied across the sum of your entire ecommerce holiday sales. Not such a small bag of potatoes anymore, is it. Not only that, you must take into consideration box composition has changed of late, with companies focusing on "green"initiatives. This is spurring the production of corrugated cartons made with an increased amount of recycled content - in fact, more than 90% of boxes contain recycled content today! While recycled content is an admirable stride in corporate sustainability, in packaging (specifically shipping and handling), recycled content reduces the strength of corrugated boxes... So the urgency of security of product is already heightened. ask, what did we do? How were we able to ensure shipment security, and save the customer money at the same time?
US e-retail sales are expected to grow by 10% a year to $400 billion by 2017, accounting for 13% of all retail sales.
The Solution.
  • Water Activated Tape. The solution almost seems too easy. But think about this fact for a moment. Fiber reinforced paper tape actually bonds with the surface of the carton. It becomes a part of the box itself - basically like a WELD - providing a strong deterrent to potential pilferage. No more acrylic tape bubbling up, or popping off when pallets are set aside for warehousing or shipping. No more open containers in transit increasing the costs of damaged goods. Now you have customers with products still intact within their corrugated bubbles. Win, right?
  • Corru-Grip Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology. Corru-Grip technology, found in hot melt carton sealing tapes, is designed specifically for carton closure of highly recycled corrugated, even working successfully with a 100% recycled box. Another added benefit to the Corru-Grip technology is that this adhesive seals boxes (and keeps them sealed) across varying temperatures and humidity extremes - more so than a traditional hot melt carton sealing tape.
Interested in the Corru-Grip products? You'll want to check out IPG's products: 7205, 8100, 9100, and 1100 styles. We can help you with that.
So now you know which tapes work the best with your recycled boxes - did you also know that since you're already purchasing these tapes, that you can go ahead and have your logo printed on them?
Security + Printing: The Advantage
When you start using water activated tapes, you have a whole world of advertising right there at your fingertips. And not only that, but you've just immediately helped yourself out in two other ways: you've reduced your inventory, cut down on costs, and now you're left with more buying options.
How you say? With printed water activated tape, you no longer need other consumables such as custom printed boxes or custom printed/logo'ed labels.
Consider these statistics:
  • 93% recognize the box by the name of the tape on the box and not by the logo on the side
  • 68% recognize the target found in the box by the name on the printed tape
  • Only 4% recognize specific messages on the box.
  • Only 1% recalled any adhesive labels on the side of the box.
It's starting to make more sense now, isn't it. So, through investing in a custom printed water activated tape, you've now created a connection with your customer that they're going to remember, you've fostered instant brand recognition, and you've proactively deployed a set of media. Just by using water activated tape.
Through investing in a custom printed water activated tape, you've now created a connection with your customer that they're going to remember, you've fostered instant brand recognition, and you'veproactivelydeployed a set of media directly to your customer.
Is there anything additional I should consider when deciding on a printed tape?
Have you considered putting a QR code on your tape? Let me explain why you might want to consider doing that.
QR codes are defined as "a mobile phone readable barcode...In its simplest sense think "print based hypertextlink." QR codes give you the ability to direct customers to your most current sales and promotional campaigns right where they are. So what are some ways to interact via QR code with your customers? published an article containing "13 reasons why packaging needs QR codes" - some of my personal favorites include:
  • Show what a product will actually do.
  • Link video instruction on furniture and products so your customers don't need to use a paper manual.
  • Make further pitches for the product that can't be covered in a 30 second commercial (and it's FREE).
  • Track which stores are selling more of your products.
  • If your product is food related, send your customer recipes.
The things you can do and accomplish with QR codes really is unlimited. And the good news is that your QR code will never change. You won't need to develop a QR code for every new campaign you run. Instead, the information you relay to your consumers is driven by your marketing team, allowing you to make the calls on what is most prevalent.
Concluding Thoughts
Marketing is continuously evolving. Packaging is continuously evolving. And we all know that the consumer is evolving as well. Zohra Bhimani of Shikatani Lacroix, Communications Coordinator for branding and design agency Shikatani Lacroix, reminds us that "Millennials are eager to engage with QR code technology, as they enjoy being entertained and interacting with conventional and emerging immersive technologies."
So then, what should you take away from this post? These three things.
  • Security is paramount in today's e-commerce growth. Using recycled cartons can often decrease their inherent strength, resulting in increased packaging costs, increased damage, and/or lost product.
  • Water activated tape is an ideal alternative to acrylic packaging tape because it bonds directly to the fibers of the corrugate, providing the most secure closure for boxes.
  • Water activated tape can be customized to promote your company, leveraging brand awareness.

Your options - be it through a company logo, slogan, or QR code - is only limited by your own creativity.

Ecommerce is growing in our culture today. We need solutions that will work, and work reliably every SINGLE time they are employed.

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